Your B2B Startup + the Perfect SEO Copywriting Agency = more inbound traffic that actually converts into pipeline

Let’s make sure your target market not only finds you on search, but is so blown away by your messaging that they can’t help but start that free trial. 

What if Higher Rankings and Staying True to Your Brand Were No Longer Mutually Exclusive?

SEO copywriting is a delicate balance between satisfying the Google gods and the end user. While Google likes to brag that it’s all about serving the end user, it has proven time and time again that that’s not always true.

I mean, have you seen some of the junk splashed across the first page in Google?

Everything is a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a copy…

Your competitors are busy regurgitating crappy, outdated “skyscraper” content to try and be just 5% better than whatever is ranking ahead of them.

And that is our biggest opportunity.

While everyone else is focused on copying & pasting some version of what’s currently ranking, we’re going to win on:

🤘Thought leadership
🤘Satisfying the user’s intent better than anyone else

You in?

“God Save the SERP does an amazing job with SEO strategy.”

“Kerry understands how search engines work and how to build a website and long-term content strategy that works. Within the first month, we had a game plan that I believed in. That’s when I knew it was a good investment.”


Taft Love

Founder, Iceberg RevOps

Our SEO Copywriting Services for B2B SaaS Brands

If you’re a little unhinged, weird, eccentric, or just freakily obsessed with quality, we’ll probably love working with you.

SEO Website Copywriting Services

SEO Website Copywriting

The road to “start free trial” begins with your website copy. Let’s nail it.

SEO Website Copywriting Services

SEO Content Writing

Product-led content that shows visitors exactly how to solve their problems, using your product.

SEO Website Copywriting Services

Brand Messaging & Positioning Guides

Traffic won’t convert if your messaging doesn’t hit the mark, so let’s nail it. 

SEO Copywriting Agency & Content Marketer, God Save The SERP Yellow Blot

“God Save the SERP did a great job at nailing our website copy “

We were looking for a B2B SaaS copywriter to help us with our new website launch. We were very happy working with God Save the SERP as they did a great job nailing our website copy. They also made sure it was a painless experience for our marketing team. 

Kerry Campion SEO Copywriter & Content Marketer, Dan Malone (1)

Alan Gleeson


Meet the Punks of B2B Copywriting

We’re a lean, rag-tag team of passionate copywriters whose big goal is to save the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) from an onslaught of shitty copy peddled out by gangsters and hacks.

We’re here to serve your end users as well as humanly possible and help your B2B company hit your dreamy inbound marketing goals. All without sacrificing your brand voice to the Google gods.

We’d sure love to meet you.

“It’s in-house quality copywriting and a full-stack digital marketing experience.”

“I feel like I get a lot of attention, I have a lot of trust that time is being spent well and I don’t need to monitor it, the end copy and content feels like it looks at the business holistically and tries to see if it’s actually something that will sell.”

Kerry Campion SEO Copywriter & Content Marketer, Dan Malone (1)

Dan Malone

Founder, Mawla

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