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Who is God Save the SERP? And What Do We Know About Writing Copy And Ranking on Search Engines?

We’re the SEO copywriting power-up for B2B companies who don’t want to conform to drab norms in the name of ranking on Google. We get results (aka higher rankings, more inbound traffic, and pipeline) without sacrificing a brand’s voice, mission, and general awesomeness.

At this stage in your business you can’t be taking leaps of faith.

You need to invest in a partner who knows what they’re doing, knows how to get results, and doesn’t need hand-holding.

That’s us!

Collectively, we’ve written hundreds of thousands of words of copy for dozens of companies across the globe. We’ve worked with various stakeholders, we’ve collaborated across teams in UX, CRO, Design… and we’re always using what we learn along the way to improve our process.

What we’re awesome at is aligning your brand’s mission, USP, and expertise with what your target market needs to hear to feel comfortable trusting you.

We don’t believe in search engine optimization. We believe in search experience optimization. That means we don’t just care about showing up in Google. We make sure people are so impressed by your brand they stick around long after their search is over.

God Save The SERP B2B Copywriting, Iceberg Revops

200% Increase in Organic Traffic, Top 5 Positions for High-Commercial Value Keywords, 42% Increase in Organic Traffic…

Want to see our SEO copy in action for yourself? We wouldn’t expect anything less.

We’ve gathered some sample client projects for your viewing pleasure.

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“It’s in-house quality copywriting and a full stack digital marketing experience.”

Kerry Campion SEO Copywriter & Content Marketer, Dan Malone (1)

Dan Malone, Mawla

Founder, Mawla

One thing you can count on with God Save the SERP is that we go deep.

It would make our lives a lot easier if we just took a brief from you, went away and scribbled some words, sprinkled some keywords over it, and called it a day.

But where’s the fun in that? Here’s our approach to nailing your SEO copy and content:

🤘 Detailed questionnaire about your company and target market
🤘 You send over any important docs like market research, UX research, sales call recordings etc and we pour over this
🤘 Success session (we discuss your goals and talk about attribution)
🤘 Customer interviews
🤘 Team interviews (especially the customer success and sales team)
🤘 Competitor Research
🤘 Keyword Research
🤘 SEO briefs
🤘 The writing begins!
🤘 You review version 1
🤘 Revisions
🤘 Final review
🤘 Final edits
🤘 Collaboration with designer to get the copy live
🤘 Publish 😎 *internet goes wild*

Just Some of Our Creds

Publications our team has been featured in and memberships & courses we’ve been part of

“God Save the SERP does an amazing job with SEO strategy.”

“Kerry understands how search engines work and how to build a website and long-term content strategy that works. Within the first month, we had a game plan that I believed in. That’s when I knew it was a good investment.

The first two years we were in business, I struggled to find qualified copywriters. Talented writers who took the time to understand our business were few and far between and I was beyond frustrated trying to find a regular writer. I was referred to Kerry and knew immediately that she was a different breed. She has elevated our copywriting and SEO games overnight. She is knowledgeable, her work is excellent, and she is dependable (also hard to find).”

Kerry Campion SEO Copywriter & Content Marketer, Dan Malone (1)

Taft Love

Founder, Iceberg RevOps

Say Hi to the Team!

We never subcontract your work to freelancers we’ve never met. If anyone works on your copy, it’s one of the awesome copywriters below.

Kerry Campion de Santiago

Kerry Campion de Santiago

I’m an SEO content marketing strategist and copywriter (and when I’m not, I’m growing my own SaaS company in the Edtech space).

I’m Irish born and bred, but I’ve been living in Spain since 2015. I’m also one of those rare breeds of extroverted writers.

When I’m not knee deep in keyword analysis and writing copy you can find me wandering the woods with my German Shepherd, Kira.

Walk on music: Killing in the Name Of – Rage Against the Machine

Debs Cormode, UX & SEO Copywriter

Debs Cormode
UX & SEO Copywriter

You want your customers to enjoy a seamless browsing experience because the less frustration, the more chance of a sale.

That’s where user journey mapping and UX principles come into play.

I’ll help ensure your users move effortlessly around your website or app. Combined with customer-focused copy to entice users to hit that “start free trial” button.

If I’m not chilling on the Isle of Man you can find me on the road with Berite, my camper van.

Walk-on Music: Relight my Fire – Take That

Natalie Gates, Brand Messaging Specialist Copywriter

Natalie Gates
Brand Messaging Specialist Copywriter

It’s not easy to capture your brand’s values, story, and offers in a few pages. Or paragraphs. Or less.

All while resonating with your ideal clients, proving you can help them, and inspiring them to take action.

That’s where I step in so you walk away with messaging your prospects love and a guide that keeps your messaging consistent across the board.

I’m a coffee fanatic based in Kelowna in BC, Canada. But you might find me in Argentina, or Spain, or Montreal, or… when I’m not on homebase.

Walk-on Music: Smells like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

Kerry Campion de Santiago

Chief Happiness Officer

Even though I’m usually sleeping on the job, they’ll never fire me because I keep team morale high.

You’ll see me snoozing in the background if you’re ever on a call with Kerry. I’m also the star of the God Save the SERP Instagram page. Thinking of starting an Only Fans, DM me if you’re interested in paw pics.

Walk-on Music: Celebrity Skin – Hole.

Our Story


March 2019

Kerry moved to France while pregnant with her daughter. She was working as an ESL teacher at the time, but something about growing life inside you makes you wanna embrace change.


June 2019

Started the “Clover English” podcast - a podcast for English language learners. Wanted to promote both the podcast and the associated blog - started learning about content marketing & copywriting. Game officially changed.

September 2019

retrained as a copywriter.

Jan 2020

set up a copywriting business and landed her first copywriting client

September 2020

began writing for an SEO specialist, honed skills on SEO

June 2021

went all-in with SEO copywriting. Founded God Save the SERP


January 2023

expanded God Save the SERP team. No longer a party of one.

Today & Beyond

God Save the SERP specialises in writing SEO copy and content for B2B brands across the globe ✌️
SEO Copywriting Agency & Content Marketer, God Save The SERP Yellow Blot

God Save the SERP does more than just brand awareness. They’re not just some marketing people.

“Whenever I speak to Kerry, I feel like she understands and likes the product, that she’s trying to find a way for it to reach the audience you want, or even suggest an audience that you’re missing.

We were not only impressed by the content of the copy, but by the collaborative approach from the information gathering at the start and the open style in which God Save the SERP shared what they wanted to do and why. We have felt guided by them and able to rely on their advice and expertise, while also feeling listened to by them. We feel like we have created a great working partnership, which extends beyond the scope of copywriting.”

Kerry Campion SEO Copywriter & Content Marketer, Dan Malone (1)

Ben Carter

Founder, ELT Songs

Our Rules of Engagement

The principles that guide everything we do.

God Save The SERPS, SEO Copywriting


We show up.

For one another, for our clients, and for our audience. We do what we say we will and we’re obsessed with solid communication. The businesses and people we interact with get a big fat guarantee: We give a shit.

SEO Copywriting Agency & Content Marketer, God Save The SERP Yellow Blot


If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find someone who does.

We won’t BS when we don’t know something. In our eyes, often the most “expert” thing we can do is say, “I don’t know, but I think I know someone who does.”

SEO Copywriting Agency & Content Marketer, God Save The SERP Green Star


Never stop learning.

When you reach that point in your career where you “know” what you’re doing, it’s hard to keep learning. We do it anyway. No two clients or situations are the same. We constantly push the limits of what we know and we educate the people in our circle along the way. 

SEO Copywriting Agency & Content Marketer, God Save The SERP Yellow Blot


Take risks.

We’re not afraid of starting a sentence with “This might sound crazy but…” Innovation comes from taking risks and pushing the boat out. Not playing it safe.

SEO Copywriting Agency & Content Marketer, God Save The SERP Yellow Blot


Enjoy the ride.

We’re all about those work hard, play hard vibes but we do our best to bring as much joy as possible into the work part too. Life’s too short to do otherwise. Humor fuels our soul and the connection we make with others.

A+ experience.

They communicated well, had great systems, and set the expectations properly. I even sent some of their systems to my team to tell them we need to implement something similar.

The web copy was exactly what I wanted. This is the least amount of notes and revision requests I’ve sent back before.”

Kerry Campion SEO Copywriter & Content Marketer, Dan Malone (1)

Andrew Fogliato

Just Sell Homes

What’s With All the 90s Nostalgia?

You might have noticed some floppy disks, cassettes, VHS’s and the like around here.

What’s the deal?

We’re seeing technological innovation at a rate that’s completely unprecedented in the entire history of the human species. The technology we’ve developed has quantum-leaped in the past 30 years, it’s even a little scary. We’ve gone from floppy disks with 1.4 megabytes of memory to smart phones that read our fingerprints and pay for our lunch.

We love our 90s tech imagery to remind ourselves and others of just how far that innovation has come. It’s a nod to how expansive our capabilities are in using tech to improve our lives. Sure, we might have screwed a few things up along the way, but overall the technical innovations of the past 30 years or so have completely altered our way of life.

Mostly for the good.

But we can’t forget where it came from, and the 90s/early 2000s is when it really started to lift off. We can’t wait to see where it takes us.

(Not written by ChatGPT).

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