I’m Kerry, a Fractional Content Marketer & Copywriter who helps SaaS Companies Convert, Retain and Engage Creators

I’m talking about deep audience research, intimately understanding your business, building out a strategy (not a content calendar) AND handling repurposing and distribution. 

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Fed up of unreliable agencies and contractors who ghost you, require too much hand holding and deliver up mediocre work?

I know only too well how difficult it is to find the right type of content marketer who truly “gets” your market and what you’re trying to achieve. 

I also know how upsetting it is to have shelled out $$$ for articles that promised to be well researched and “top quality” only to have to rewrite the entire thing yourself. 

Or have agencies string you along for months as they juggle 20+ other clients. 

Or have freelancers ghost you out of the blue (then have the cheek to post photos on IG of the holiday they’re on that you paid for…) 

Maybe it’s time to stop relying on service providers who view you as an account to be managed and start investing in a trusted partner who sees themselves as part of your team.

(It’s me, I’m that partner 👋)

“Kerry has elevated our copywriting and SEO games overnight.”

The first two years we were in business, I struggled to find qualified copywriters. Talented writers who took the time to understand our business were few and far between and I was beyond frustrated trying to find a regular writer. I was referred to Kerry and knew immediately that she was a different breed. She has elevated our copywriting and SEO games overnight. She is knowledgeable, her work is excellent, and she is dependable (also hard to find). Kerry is a rare find!

Taft Love

Founder, Iceberg RevOps

The “Teamlance” Guarantee

All of my clients have a big guarantee: that I give a shit. 

About you, your goals, your audience and your team. 

Outsourcing parts of your business to someone else is a huge leap of faith. It’s not a job I take lightly. 

That’s why: 

  • I stick around even after I’ve delivered your copy to make sure I can help you with any updates you’d like to make and help with any conversion issues you may be having
  • I’m happy to connect you with past clients to discuss what it’s like working with me
  • I will be annoyingly thorough about understanding your business, your goals and your market

“Kerry is my new SEO power-up of choice.”

I came to Kerry with a big blog improvement project I’d sort of made a start on, but couldn’t move forward with. She was everything I had ever hoped for: fun, friendly, super organised and great at keeping me updated. She’s so organized! Everything was clear, guided, and you NEVER got intimidated by the enormous job that this felt like. Kerry has given me a huge database full of all the information I needed, and I now know exactly which steps come next. She’s my new SEO power-up of choice.


Founder, Fluent Language

 I’m Proud to Support 100+ Creators and Copywriters Inside my Online Courses & Community

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A Very Un-Boring List of Non-Negociables

I know it’s important for you to do business with someone whose values match your own. It’s important for me too, so here’s a little about my values.

Bigots be Gone 

I will not work with any company who is in any way homophobic, racist, Islamophobic, sexist, ageist, abliest or who has shown either explictly or implictly that they’re a discriminatory organization.

If I don’t know the answer myself, I’ll find someone who does 

One thing I hate is bullshit. I never pretend to know about something if I don’t and my clients appreciate that honesty. Having said that, I have an excellent network of PR professionals, link builders, tech SEOs, analytics experts… who I can call on to provide us with help. 

Customer-Centered Copy & Content 

Sometimes I will need to push back if I feel like we’re prioritizing anything other than your customers/market. I am not a “yes girl” and will put your users and audience at the heart of all our choices, even if it means disagreeing with you 

Conversions > Traffic 

My job is to direct traffic to your site, sure, but traffic on its own is a vanity metric. I’ll be keeping a close eye on your conversions and digging into your entire funnel and customer journey to make sure we reduce churn and increase sign-ups. 

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You nailed the tone of voice.

The web copy you provided fits our customers perfectly – focusing on the key benefits of our product and not forgetting about the pain points our audience possibly has.

It couldn’t have been any better, you were organized, reliable and detail-oriented. I warmly recommend your services to everyone.

Marcell Kiss

Founder, Interpolly

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If the internet Gods decide to screw me over and the booking form doesn’t work, you can also send me an email at kerry@godsavetheserp.com