I Asked Copywriters for Their Best Podcast Recommendations – Here’s What They Said

A couple of weeks ago I turned to Twitter (an Elon Musk shaped dumpster fire at the time of writing) to ask for copywriting podcast recommendations and Twitter delivered.

Real, bonafide copywriters who either host podcasts or who religiously subscribe to them gave me some brilliant shows that you might not have heard of before.

These shows will help you:

  • Write engaging B2B content that people actually want to read
  • Get into the minds of SaaS founders so you can learn the secrets of brilliant positioning and SaaS marketing success
  • Learn how to manage your freelance copywriting business (think pricing, workflows, navigating tricky client situations and just about everything inbetween)

You ready to nerd out?

The Hot Copy Podcast

This show is no longer “on air”, but it has such an impressive backlog of episodes that you’ll have more than enough to chew on.

The Hot Copy podcast pools together the experience and wisdom of two of copywriting’s heavy weight champions: Kate Toon and Belinda Weaver.

When I say you should pay attention to what Belinda Weaver says, I want you to take that seriously. I was a member of her Confident Copywriting program for a year and a half and I owe so much of my early success as a copywriter to Bill (we affectionately refer to her as Bill).

What You’ll Learn

Basically everything you’ve ever needed to know about running a freelance copywriting business. I’m not exaggerating.

Want to niche down? They’ve got that. Understand pricing? Yup. A specific type of marketing like SaaS marketing? Tick ✅

Check out this great episode on SaaS content that I particularly enjoyed

Review from An Actual Copywriter who Isn’t Me

I really like the back-and-forth between Belinda and Kate and I learn something new in just about every episode I listen to.

Sarah Wayte


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The Copywriter Club Podcast

Another super popular copywriting podcast – and for good reason.

The Copywriter Club podcast interviews seasoned copywriting pros to help you learn from their mistakes, recreate their success, and understand what this whole copywriting gig is all about.

It has a huge backlog of episodes to get you going and you can listen to it on all major podcast distributors.

What You’ll Learn

The topics are so diverse which I think is great because us copywriters are a very diverse bunch of people. But I’ve seen some common problems and aspirations being tackled in their episodes such as:

  • How to handle a pivot in your career
  • Scaling your copywriting business
  • Manage your finances as a freelancer
  • Copy specific chats like landing pages, brand messaging and other copy related goodness

Review from A Copywriter who Isn’t Me

megaphone icon

The Copywriter Club Podcast is my anthem for what copywriting is and should be. Kira and Rob’s credible yet humble approach is accessible for copywriters at all levels.

Each week, the guests on the podcast are excellent, and the questions/discussion from the hosts is so poignant. I’ve learned the value of systems and automation, tips on the art of cold pitching, and the importance of consistent follow-up (because it’s never a “no” until the person says so!).

Most importantly, I now understand that a copywriter is someone who solves problems and that there is great value in maturing beyond the role of a mere wordsmith into the strategist, consultant, and business owner in my own right.

The only problem is that Kira and Rob have ruined other podcasts for me!

Ethan Forrest Ross

Review from Apple Podcasts

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This one is for our B2B copywriters! Have you ever wondered how your copy fits into a wider B2B strategy? Have you ever struggled to take dry, technical topics and whip them up into something people actually want to read? Ever just been flat-out intimidated by the whole B2B industry?

Then B2B Q&A is the podcast for you!

The premise is simple: “We take a listener’s question about an aspect of B2B content writing, and we go in search of an expert to give a definitive answer… so, from that point of view, it could be anything to do with B2B copywriting or content marketing.” Dave McGuire, host of the show, told me.

What You’ll Learn

  • What great B2B copywriting looks like
  • Gain a clear picture of the marketers who are commissioning copy so you can better work with them and pitch them in the future
  • How B2B content marketing works

“In short, if there’s anything you’d like to know about B2B writing, we can try and find an answer for you! But more generally, we often interview B2B marketers, so it can give you a very clear view of the people who commission the copy – what their challenges and priorities are, and how they talk about the job.

More directly, we also share one or two copywriting tips each month, contributed by listeners.”

David McGuire

Host, B2B Q&A

Review from a Copywriter Who Isn’t Me

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[A podcast] by experienced writing pros who share their knowledge in an open and honest way.

John Espirian

Apple Podcast Review

Build Your Copywriting Business Podcast

Tag-team Nicki Krawczyk and Kate Sitarz host the Build Your Copywriting Business podcast aimed at helping copywriters in all sorts of contexts. Their advice isn’t limited to just growing a freelancing business. They also cater their advice to copywriters who have in-house roles as well, as well as those who want to do copywriting as a side-hustle.

This podcast is mostly focused on the business-building side of copywriting rather than advice on copywriting itself.

What You’ll Learn

  • Pitching potential clients
  • Scaling your copywriting business into an agency
  • How to land in-house roles as a copywriter

Review by A Copywriter who Isn’t me

Special Mentions: Podcasts Not Specifically for Copywriters, but Definitely Helpful for Copywriters

Mistakes that Made me by Eman Ismail

I couldn’t NOT include the amazing Eman Ismail in this list. Her podcast Mistakes that Made Me is honestly the best podcast I’ve discovered this year.

What I like about it is that it’s recorded in seasons which I believe improves quality dramatically because her guests and topics are so well chosen in advance. Its premise is unique in that Eman interviews great business owners about the biggest mistake they made in their careers and how that experience shaped them into the business owner they are today.

One episode was so good it made me cry – can honestly say no other podcast has made me do that.

What You’ll Learn

  • How taking the path to slow growth can be the most sustainable one
  • Balancing motherhood and running a business (that’s the episode that made me cry FYI)
  • Why you should always trust your gut and your own vision
  • How to bounce back after getting fired

Sassy as F*ck with Jon McGreevy

I met Jon on Twitter and was immediately thrown into a spiral of rage and jealousy by his fabulous branding. Once the green eyed monster had receded back into its cave, I noticed he also had a great SaaS podcast called Sassy as F*ck.

While it’s not specifically for copywriters I think it’s a must for any copywriter working (or aspiring to work) in the SaaS/tech space.

Jon (very cleverly) created this podcast because he was new to the market as a copywriter and needed a way to network and meet potential clients. Not only this, interviewing the very people he was setting out to help gave him an unfair advantage when it came to working with his Sassy, techie clientele.

He’s also interviewed some very talented copywriters for the show who dropped golden nuggets and value bombs all over the place. Some of these copywriting household names include: Samar Owais, Josh Garofalo, and Eman Zabi.

What You’ll Learn

  • SaaS marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Positioning
  • Founder stories

Review from a Copywriter who isn’t Me

megaphone icon

Been a long time listener of SaaSy as F**k and love every single episode you put out!

Anonymous Listener of the Show

The SaaS Podcast by Omer Kahn

When I listen to this show I usually take notes. The SaaS Podcast is a MUST listen for any copywriter who’s trying to break into the SaaS space or for anyone who wants to.

Omer Kahn is a thoughtful interviewer who always brings out the best in his guests. It’s a wonderful window into how SaaS marketing works as Go-To-Market and customer acquisition strategies come up a ton.

You’ll definitely recognize some of the founders on this show and their companies!

What You’ll Learn

  • Positioning a SaaS product in the market
  • Content marketing strategies used by startups
  • GTM (go-to-market) strategies
  • Founder stories

Review from Listener who isn’t Me

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“This podcast is incredible – it provides unrivaled access to people and information that would otherwise be impossible to get to. Omer has done a great job to create a format that enables him to navigate through each entrepreneur’s story and to extract as much information as possible in less than an hour. I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you!”

Anonymous Listener of the Show

Got any other Great Recommendations? Drop ‘Em below!

I’m always on the hunt for some great pod recommendations and so are the people who read this blog. Share some love for your favourite host and pop their podcasts below!

Kerry Campion

SEO Copywriter & Content Marketer

Kerry Campion is a content marketer and copywriter for SaaS brands who are fuelling the creator economy. Her gig is creating customer-centric content marketing plans and writing SEO copy that sounds nothing like SEO copy 😎. Get in touch if you’re interested in working together!

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