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Heads up: This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you decide that Confident Copywriting is right for you and purchase, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I’m a member of Confident Copywriting myself and would never promote something that I don’t love.

This is a special post for my fellow copywriters and not my usual audience for course creators, but I thought this was just too good an opportunity not to share with my peers, so here I am.

Belinda Weaver over at Copywrite Matters has opened up her amazing coaching program; Confident Copywriting again!

I’d thought I’d hop on here and give a review of why and how this amazing program helped me enormously when I started out copywriting.

If you’re a copywriter who’s ever wondered how other copywriters are able to do things like hit 10k months, book dream clients and wow their clients with sleek workflows, then keep reading.

What’s on the inside of Confident Copywriting?

This membership has a LOT of resources and all of them have helped me enormously. I’ll break down what exactly you get when you sign up for Belinda’s coaching.

Business Building Resources

One of the things that made me want to sign up for Confident Copywriting was that I knew I could write, I’d taken copywriting courses, but I had no idea how to turn my skills into a viable business.

I didn’t know what my workflow should look like, I wasn’t sure what steps I had to take to make sure that I completed a project to the absolute best of my ability and provide a great experience for my clients.

Enter ‘Instant Traction’.

It’s hard to know where we actually are on our copywriting journey sometimes, so Belinda has crafted an excellent resource within Confident Copywriting called “instant traction.”

Instant Traction does exactly what it says on the tin: it gives you a quick win that’ll go a long way in your copywriting journey. This is the core stuff you need to focus on before anything else, then you can take the quiz which will actually lay out for you what you need to be focusing on for your stage in your copywriting business.

This, alongside the Copywriter Starter Pack, will unlock a library of templates and resources that are designed to streamline your services and help you start making more $$.

Here are some of the templates waiting for you on the inside;

  • Discovery call template: making a great first impression with potential clients is a must if you’re looking to later convert them and Belinda’s discovery call template is a great way to do just that. It gives you all the questions you need to ask to not only wow your potential client, but to make sure you walk away with all the info you need to make your proposal.
  • Proposal Template: if you’re current proposal consists of writing an email and including a quote for the project costs then you NEED this template! Your proposal is a piece of marketing and it should be treated as such, thankfully, Belinda’s one will tell you exactly what to write.
  • Copybrief Template: so many revision requests and tension with clients can be avoided by getting an awesome brief. Personally, I didn’t even know this was a thing when I first started copywriting and thankfully I was saved some major embarrassment by getting access to this awesome copybrief template. It will guide you on everything you need to know about a project before you start writing to make sure you get your copy written faster and with fewer requests for revisions.

Those templates seriously saved my butt and made me feel like a fancy copywriter before I’d even booked my first client!

Monthly Coaching Calls

Each month we meet up via Zoom for our monthly coaching sessions. Not only do you get to benefit from amazing, insightful advice from Belinda (and her 10+ years of copywriting experience), but you get help from other members too.

This isn’t one of those “mics on mute” type of coaching calls, which is really just someone speaking at the guests rather than with them. Instead it’s an open discussion where we can call chime in with advice and help each other out.

We even have parties like our Christmas party which really feels like the best parts of the old days when we used to have colleagues we could chat and have a drink with.

Get feedback on your copy

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’ve been looking at my own copy for so long, that I just cannot be objective about it anymore.

What I love about Confident Copywriting is that I can get feedback on my work from Belinda herself, and that type of coaching is worth a hell of a lot more than what you’ll pay for your membership.

Getting direct feedback on your copy isn’t only the quickest way to improve your skills, but it’ll also help make sure that you deliver copy that your client will absolutely love.

What’s more is that you can benefit from Belinda reviewing other copywriter’s work as she uploads videos where she reviews and tweaks their copy.

Learn how to charge for your copywriting services

When I first started copywriting I had no idea how to charge for my services .

What was too high?

What was eye-wateringly low?

What should I even take into consideration when charging for my copywriting services?

Within Confident Copywriting you’ll unlock amazing resources that will help you set your rates, understand how to make and hit your income goals and what you include in your proposals.

For instance, I had no idea that I had to charge for things beyond just the writing of the actual words like research and general admin for the project. I would have lost so much money and seriously driven down my profitability without Belinda’s guidance and resources.

Her excel sheet for calculating what you should charge has been a real life-saver for me.

Amazing Guest Masterclasses

Belinda Weaver has been around this whole online copywriting business world for about a decade now. As a result, she’s made some awesome connections and as a member of Confident Copywriting you’ll be able to reap the benefits of those connections in the form of guest expert masterclasses.

A collection of the guest expert masterclasses available in confident copywriting

But as community is truly at the heart of Confident Copywriting, the masterclasses and guest expert interviews aren’t limited to big names in the industry, but other members who can showcase their expertise and help our copywriting community.

My personal favourite masterclass that’s come from our own community was Profitable Project Management from email copywriter Zoe Heard. I love how Belinda gives her members a voice and gives them a platform to share what they’re best at (much to the benefit of the other members).

Benefit from Belinda’s huge audience to get work

Every month Belinda chooses one copywriter from the group to feature as her “Copywriter in the Spotlight”. During the month, she goes out of her way to promote this copywriter on her website and social media channels.

To help you understand just how amazing an opportunity this is, let’s take a look at Copywrite Matters’ traffic stats.

A lot of those 5k website visitors are looking for copywriting services and when your face is plastered on her website (along with all the details about what type of work you do and how to contact you) it results in direct leads.

I should know, I was a featured copywriter in January 2021!

As part of it, I was able to give a guest masterclass all about cornerstone content to Belinda’s Facebook group. I was also featured on all her social media channels and I got several direct leads from people who had found me on her website.

Belinda also regularly posts job opportunities that come her way within our Facebook group, which brings me to…

Meet your new crew: the best Facebook group I’ve ever joined

Let me be straight with you – I’m part of some pretty big memberships from multi-million dollar companies.

Their “community”? Well it sucks.

Either they don’t engage or people just pop on to ask questions and never offer to help anyone else.

That’s not the case with the Confident Copywriting Facebook group.

We all know each other by name and many have formed masterminds and met their business besties right within the group (yep, I have my own thanks to this group!)

What I love is that I can go there and vent as well as celebrate wins or get advice. It’s not just a place where people go to brag or ask for things: it truly is a close community of copywriters who all genuinely want the best for each other.

What’s great is that there are so many copywriters from different niches and with different experience levels so you get a great plurality of opinion that helps you see things differently.

Monthly Challenges: accountability without the pressure

Each month we have a “theme” that helps us take action in our business.

Some past themes have been; cold pitching, financial literacy and cultivating a healthy mindset. My personal favourite was financial literacy, as the financials are something we all avoid as freelancers and small business owners.

But thanks to great expert interviews and resources to help us plan our finances, I now feel much more confident about my financial planning and my income goals.

What’s more, is that the vibe is supportive and nurturing, it’s not “RIGHT, TIME TO 10X EVERYTHING GIMME YOUR SOUL OR YOU’LL ACHIEVE NOTHING. HUSTLE, HUSTLE, HUSTLE.”

I know you’ve been around people who make you feel like the only way to achieve success is by sacrificing your personal and family life, but that’s not how it works over at Confident Copywriting.

The challenges are there to support you and help you stay accountable, but there’s no overwhelming pressure to be hustling all day long (don’t we have family and a life outside work after all?)

Plus, we’ve had some amazing wins from these challenges like one member re-pitching an old lead and getting a great project out of it!

(I also had that same win and it was awesome).

Can you check off 3/6 of these boxes?

If you’re still wondering whether or not Confident Copywriting is a good fit for you, I’ve created this barometer to help you decide.

Basically, if you can tick off 3/6 of these criteria, then I think you will be a perfect fit for Confident Copywriting.

If you were able to check off at least 3 of those boxes then I can say with confidence that Confident Copywriting it definitely for you and we’d be so excited to welcome you to our community!

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