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Find a Qualified, reliable and pretty freakin’ awesome Copywriter to hire

The God Save the SERP Copywriting directory is where you can find graduates from our SEO Copywriting program so you know that your copywriter can not only write killer web and blog copy, but get you found on Google too.

Meet awesome copywriters

This talented group of copywriters can help you gain more organic traffic from relevant leads, create a deeper connection with your audience and most importantly, increase your revenue with the right content and copy

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Jennifer Curfman

Copywriter for Rebels

I have the most experience working with the accounting and course creator industries, but I’ll jam with anyone.

I am obsessed with business owners who have (or want) a brand voice that differs from the standard in their industry. Send me your freaks, misfits, and rebels, we’ll get along great.

Natalie Gates

Copywriter for Small Businesses

Natalie is a Canadian website copywriter and content writer who helps small businesses articulate their vision, voice, and value.

She uses her blend of journalistic and marketing experience to write strategic, story-driven copy that appeals to real people. Whether it’s helping clients nail down their brand voice or optimizing a website for conversions and SEO, her goal is to help small businesses crush their biggest dreams.

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Olabisi Adelaja

Content Writer

I’m a writer, marketer and copywriter, which is pretty cool (especially when you consider the impact that good marketing and copywriting can have on the success of your blockchain project).

I’m passionate about my work, so I really enjoy doing it for clients. It makes me happy to help them create content that makes people enthusiastic about their projects.

My passion is also a factor in my success: my clients really appreciate my fast response time, my excellent writing skills, my clear communication, and my problem-solving approach…

Kesar Rana

B2B Tech & SaaS Copywriter

I’m a B2B tech and SaaS writer and content marketer for mid-sized startups and agencies with three years of experience. If you’re in B2B tech, sales tech, customer service, marketing, science and business analytics industries then we can be an awesome fit.

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