Traffic is great and all, but does your seo website copy convert?

I’m Kerry, an SEO website copywriter who’s here to get you found AND paid. Want to take a look at my portfolio? Fill out that form below.

Seo Copywriter Kerry Campion with hands holded

Put your hand up if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by writing web copy 🙋‍♀️

I’m sure you’ve sat down to write your own website copy and wondered…

😩 What the hell am I supposed to write for my About Me page?

😩 Is that sales page persuasive enough?

😩 How do I actually lay out this copy so that it flows easily?

😩 How can I write SEO website copy that also sounds great to visitors to my site?

It’s hard to write your own copy.

It’s hard to sit down and big yourself up while still focusing on the visitors coming to your site.

It’s hard to know what type of messaging will resonate with your people and not accidentally scare them off.

It’s hard, but I know you’ve got talent and can still do a pretty bang-up job. But by now, you’ve come to realize the importance of outsourcing so you can focus on what you’re truly AMAZING at. I know you’ve seen the benefits of hiring your first VA, social media manager and designer.

Now I want to give you that same feeling while you’re off growing your business and having someone else take care of your web copy – an investment that you’ll only have to make once.

But you need someone you can trust to take on this important piece of your online business puzzle.

I write seo website copy that doesn’t sound like a keyword stuffed nightmare

When my clients first come to me they say things like “Don’t you know…’over-optimize it’ I want it to sound natural.”

They say this because they’re savvy and they’ve read an endless amount of crappy ‘SEO copywriting’ that completely left out the ‘copywriting‘ part.

When you hire me you’re hiring a copywriter FIRST and an SEO second.

The quality of my writing will never suffer because of SEO concerns. The so-called SEO copywriters who just colour-within-the-lines of arbitrary metrics like keyword density are the ones who won’t get any conversions for their clients.

My job is to get you both the traffic and the conversions: because traffic for traffic’s sake is a vanity metric. And if people are bouncing off your site faster than Sabrina the Teenage Witch changing outfits, then it’s a total waste.

I’ll be rocking tartan for now and forever.

Kerry is incredible at what she does! She actually tailored the copy to us so much, it seemed like someone studied us for a year to write a biography. She definitely exceeded our expectations and we’re so excited about working together!
Working with Kerry has been really enjoyable. She is very approachable, open to ideas and immediately understands our needs and desires.

Create & Elate

Video Editing Agency & Education Hub

meagan williamson

You came recommended – basically that’s why I worked with you the first time BUT then we worked together and your work proved to be excellent. It was easy to work with you, you wrote great blog copy that didn’t sound like robotic and it worked – the results of the post were great. It is now high ranking, results in many comments and engagement and best of all – people asking about my program

Meagan Williamson

Pinterest Strategist and Educator

Let’s nail your online presence, get you found on google and turn visitors into customers

How can I help you with your website copy?

The ‘bread-and-butter‘ SEO web copy

This includes the core of your website:

  • Homepage copy
  • About page
  • FAQs
  • Contact page
  • ‘Fave tools’ / Resources page to either promote affiliate products or your own
  • Services pages (if you offer things like 1:1 strategy calls or something similar)

And what about things like landing & sales pages?

I got your back. You’ve got freebies to promote and courses to sell, so you need landing and sales pages that convert.

You can get both right here. Let’s make sure that you’re getting those conversions and improving the ROI from things like your Facebook ads.

SEO isn’t always necessary for these pages, especially if you do closed launches. But I can still swoop in and take care of the copywriting for you, because I’m a copywriter 1st and an SEO 2nd, remember?

man in front of glass elevator

You nailed the tone of voice.

The content you provided fits our customers perfectly – focusing on the key benefits of our product and not forgetting about the pain points our audience possibly has.

It couldn’t have been any better, you were organized, reliable and detail-oriented. I warmly recommend your services to everyone.

Marcell Kiss

Founder, Interpolly

Kerry your copy was AMAZING! You really did your research and were able to capture and embody our brand voice! (You even used GIFs + referenced my favorite movie!) The little details were what helped to engage and relate to our audience. You did a great job of connecting to our niche by also learning their struggles and connecting how our service can solve them and allow us to help them build a life they LOVE!

Alyssa Lang

Workflow Queen

Your intake process is the best I’ve seen. The fact that you do an analysis and spend a lot of time diving into who I am, why I do what I do, and HOW I communicate it to my people is invaluable. My biggest hesitation with hiring someone to write my posts is that they would sound cookie-cutter, and not like myself. And to have a copywriter that cares about that, is open to feedback, and typically writes how I write….you’re amazing.

Mariah Liszewski

SEO Educator & Strategist , Mariah Magazine Studios

Hire me to write your SEO website copy and you get…

💾 Market Research: I comb through your survey data, Facebook groups, course reviews, Reddit threads, Quora questions and #allthethings to find out about your customers’ struggles, goals, desires and objections so I can write copy that’s relevant to them

💾 Customer interviews: I always recommend adding this to your package and if you don’t have things like survey data, then it’s a must. You’ll not only gain amazing clarity on what your customers need from you, but it’ll help me write the best copy possible for your site

💾Keyword research: my keyword research takes into account the most important factor when it comes to SEO – search intent. We want to make sure what we’re offering people matches what they actually want when they search for a term. Then I mine the perfect keywords for each of your pages so you can attract the right audience to your site.

💾 Wireframing: see your copy in action with a low-fidelty wireframe. This helps you visualize how the copy should look on the page and can be sent over to your designer so they can make it all pretty (or dramatic, or epic, or whatever other brand feel you go for).

💾 Conversion Copywriting: SEO lives or dies by good copywriting, that’s the truth that not many will admit. Traffic has a cost, it makes bigger demands on your website and server, so there’s no point in sending traffic to your site without actually converting it, or else it’ll cost you. I write not only to get you found on Google, but to drive conversions.

The copy sounds like me when I read it!

Alex Barron

Founder, French in Plain Sight

You might be wondering

how much does web copy cost?

It’s really hard for me to make estimates etc without knowing exactly what you need. I’m not cheap, but I’m not extortionate either. After hopping on a free discovery with you I’ll write up a proposal based on what you need and if it matches your budget then we can start working! If not, we can always reduce the scope so that it’s more budget friendly for you.

What’s your process like?

First we do a discovery call, then I’ll send you a proposal based off what you’ve told me. Once you accept a proposal here’s how it goes:

1. We do a “copy/creative brief” call where I get all the info about your business, customers and what we need your investment to achieve.
2. I go off and do my research & golden nugget mining.
3. Write, write, write…
4. Version 1 is here! This is where you (or someone in your company you trust) gives me any feedback/suggestions about things we might need to change.
5. I edit according to your suggestions & do the final proofread…

And then you have your copy and wireframe!

how does payment work?

Since I work with international clients I use Wise to accept payments. I’ll give you the quote in euros and you can use Wise to see how much you need to send in your own currency in order for me to receive the right amount in euros.

I usually send a 50% commencement invoice at the start of the project, then I send an invoice for the remaining 50% once version 2 is delivered.

Can you really sound like me?

Glad you asked! My job isn’t just writing web copy that gets found on Google and converts – it’s making sure I write like YOU and not ME.

I manage to do this by conducting my own voice analysis on your existing copy/podcast episodes/ YouTube videos. This gives me a feel for things like cadence, tone and your style.

Here’s what my client’s have to say;

“The copy sounds like me when I read it!” – Alex Barron, French in Plain Sight

“Like someone studied us for a year to write a biography.” – Create & Elate Productions

My biggest hesitation with hiring someone to write my posts is that they would sound cookie-cutter, and not like myself. And to have a copywriter that cares about that, is open to feedback, and typically writes how I write….you’re amazing” Mariah Liszewski

how can i work with you?

If you’re interested in working together then you can fill out the form at the end of this page. I’ll get back to you in about 2-3 working days.

Want to get in touch? Poke that contact button, fill out the form and I’ll be with you in 2-3 working days

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