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copy that seamlessly turns visitors into paying users & differentiates you in a crowded market

Does your SaaS company provide innovative solutions for creators? Let me dig into my years of experience working with creators to help you uncover the message that will captivate your customers-to-be

(And blow your competitors out of the water to boot).

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That conversion rate a little low? Feel like your web copy just doesn’t represent your brand?

There is nothing more frustrating than pouring time, resources and effort into a website only to see that people come, poke around, and leave again. 

Without even a measly email sign-up. 

Tobey Maguire crying silently

And with approximately 548525908542 things on your to-do list, trying to learn years of copywriting and conversion rate optimization skills into the 2 hour window on a Sunday you have free to actually work on your site just isn’t that realistic. 

So you continue to watch those potential users bounce… 

(And secretly stalk your competitor’s site and seethe a little…)

Great Copy + Great UX + Strong Messaging = a website that actually Converts Visitors

But how do we get there? 

  1. Market Research: I need to speak to your users to find out exactly what features, pain points and goals matter most to them 
  2. Great Microcopy: I know that there’s so much more to your website than just the pages. We need to make sure that there are no confusing user journeys and that your visitors can sign-up for trials, your email list and navigate their dashboards without any weird UX hiccups or confusing CTAs
  3. A deep dive into your company’s values and mission: this will help me align your messaging with what matters most to your audience and position your company as the guide that will help them succeed 

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You nailed the tone of voice.

The web copy you provided fits our customers perfectly – focusing on the key benefits of our product and not forgetting about the pain points our audience possibly has.

It couldn’t have been any better, you were organized, reliable and detail-oriented. I warmly recommend your services to everyone.

Marcell Kiss

Founder, Interpolly

Hey I’m Kerry, and I sometimes make my clients cry with joy when they read my copy

Sorry, not sorry. 

I understand the trust you are placing in me as a website copywriter to not only represent your brand, but to respect your audience. 

That’s not a job I take lightly. 

My speciality is working with SaaS companies who create products that help creators thrive.

Dude, that’s super specific, why? 

Because creators are a market that I understand intimately, having worked with them for the past two years and being one myself. 

I know what they had for breakfast (avocado toast with little chia seeds sprinkled on top), I know they struggle with imposter syndrome, burn-out, confusion over how to price brand deals, uncertainty over the best ways to boost their affiliate income, how to keep their online communities engaged… 

The list goes on and on. 

What this means is that you get to benefit from hiring a copywriter who truly understands your target market, making it a hell of a lot easier to produce web copy that speaks to their Iced-mocha latte souls.

Kerry is incredible at what she does!

She definitely exceeded our expectations and we’re so excited about working together!
Working with Kerry has been really enjoyable. She is very approachable, open to ideas and immediately understands our needs and desires.

Elena & Semion Tsysaruk

Founders, Create & Elate

What goes into a website copywriting project?

💾Book a call with me to discuss your project 

💾 We have a deep creative brief meeting 

💾 I do extensive market research (surveys, user interviews, scrape the internet for podcasts, threads, youtube videos to get in your market’s head) 

💾 Write, write, write

💾 Version 1! 

💾 Revisions 

💾 Your copy has officially levelled up 🚀

I operate on a “teamlancer” model, meaning that you’ll get regular updates from me as I work on your web copy. I’m also happy to be added to your Slack channel to aid communication and chat with members on your sales and customer success team.

And please, for the love of God, introduce me to your web designer so we can make sure what sounds great on a Google doc sounds just as great on the designed webpages.

The “Teamlance” Guarantee

All of my clients have a big guarantee: that I give a shit. 

About you, your goals, your audience and your team. 

Outsourcing parts of your business to someone else is a huge leap of faith. It’s not a job I take lightly. 

That’s why: 

  • I stick around even after I’ve delivered your copy to make sure I can help you with any updates you’d like to make and help with any conversion issues you may be having
  • I’m happy to connect you with past clients to discuss what it’s like working with me
  • I will be annoyingly thorough about understanding your business, your goals and your market

“Kerry has elevated our copywriting and SEO games overnight.”

The first two years we were in business, I struggled to find qualified copywriters. Talented writers who took the time to understand our business were few and far between and I was beyond frustrated trying to find a regular writer. I was referred to Kerry and knew immediately that she was a different breed. She has elevated our copywriting and SEO games overnight. She is knowledgeable, her work is excellent, and she is dependable (also hard to find). Kerry is a rare find!

Taft Love

Founder, Iceberg RevOps

You might be wondering

how much does customer-centric, well written and conversion focused webcopy cost?

The minimum investment is €1,750 for 3 web pages (usually home, about and your pricing page). 

I won’t work on just homepage copy or an about page. The reason being it’s not a worthwhile investment on your part to get real results. The messaging on your site should be informed by a strategy and be consistent throughout.

How does payment work? 

Payment is usually split into two bills: 50% commencement invoice to lock your project in my books and 50% once version 1 is delivered. Paying in full comes with the benefit of getting another round of revisions so we can really nail the messaging.

Where are you based? 

Sunny Spain! I’m originally from Ireland but emigrated to Spain back in 2015. However, most of my clients are located in North America 

Do you have any case studies? 

Working on them! In the meantime I am more than happy to connect you with past clients who can chat to you about what it’s like working with me and the value of my work  

Warning: Booking a call with me can result in uncontrollable Happiness and high-pitched giggling

Other side effects include: manic excitement at the prospect of having a website you’re proud to send people to. Book a call below or email me directly at

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