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I’m Kerry, a Freelance SEO content writer. Step into my office and learn about how I can help you get found and get paid. Take a peek at my portfolio by filling out the form below.

Let me paint a scene for you real quick

It’s Monday.

You’ve slept in until 10am and you don’t even care. You reach across to your nightstand to grab your phone, run your thumb across the screen and you see 5 new email notifications.

It’s Stripe letting you know that your funds are on the way.

Your bare feet sink into the carpet as you step out of bed, stretch and smile. You’re not even launching, your Facebook Ad spend tapped out weeks ago, you haven’t even posted on Instagram for like a week and yet, there it is.

“Your funds are on the way.”

fill your funnels with free traffic by leveraging seo

SEO is the gift that keeps on giving.

Unlike social media platforms, which thrive off new content and make ever increasing demands on your attention and time, SEO content will keep generating you leads long after you’ve hit publish (like months and years after).

It means when you’re not launching you’ve got a steady stream of qualified leads making their way to your email list, coming into your universe, buying your products and learning more about how you help them.

For free.

seo is the marketing equivalent of a trust fund

Publish the right SEO content today and reap the benefits for months and years to come.

I knew I wanted to keep creating blog posts that help my audience, and attract new humans to my website, but I didn’t have the time to research and write them myself anymore.
Your intake process is the best I’ve seen. The fact that you do an analysis and spend a lot of time diving into who I am, why I do what I do, and HOW I communicate it to my people is invaluable. My biggest hesitation with hiring someone to write my posts is that they would sound cookie-cutter, and not like myself. And to have a copywriter that cares about that, is open to feedback, and typically writes how I write….you’re amazing.

Mariah Liszewski

SEO Strategist & educator, Mariah Magazine

Here’s what my seo blog content has achieved for other Online Business Owners

🎉 Raking in 50% of the search volume traffic for our chosen keywords

🎉 Saved them hundreds of $$ on what they would have spent on paid advertising for the keywords they organically rank for

🎉 Leads reaching out via the comments asking about how they join their courses

🎉 Grown their email lists for free with people who found them on Google

🎉 Ranking on the first page of Google even though their website was brand new

We hired Kerry because we wanted to bring some additional value to our site and some context to our video content.
We were not only impressed by the content of the copy, but by the collaborative approach from the information gathering at the start, the open style in which Kerry shared what she wanted to do and why, and finally the delivery of copy which was ready to copy straight into a blog with all html coding ready.
We have felt guided by Kerry and able to rely on her advice and expertise, while also feeling listened to by her. We feel like we have created a great working partnership already, which extends beyond the scope of her copywriting.

Ben Carter

Project Manager, ELT Songs

If you want to get in on the action – here’s some of my different SEO content packages

Around here, we don’t do random blog bundles with no clear purpose. We want a content marketing strategy, not just fluffy content that won’t add to your bottom line. If you’re interested in learning more about the packages, set up a free discovery call.

repurposed youtube/podcast episodes

You’re a repurposing ninja by now, but copying and pasting a transcript from your YouTube video or latest podcast episode isn’t gonna cut it when it comes to SEO. I can write up accompanying blog posts that don’t just drive traffic to your site, but also your podcast and YouTube channel.

Here’s what they don’t tell you: no backlinks pointing to your site? No ranking. Well, at least it’s a lot harder to rank. I write a special type of blog content that is literally designed to build backlinks which increases your website’s authority and will supercharge your organic rankings.

Topic Cluster Strategy

This is a highly targeted SEO content strategy to help you rank for the most crucial keywords related to your offer. I build out your blog’s SEO strategy for you and you can hire me to also write the content. Poke here for more info.

Don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure what type of package you might need – I can help guide you on a free discovery call. This discovery call is NOT a sales call, we won’t even talk numbers on there. Once we chat and I have a better idea of your needs, I’ll write up a proposal for you.

Want to hire me to write seo content for you on a regular basis?

I’ve got retainer options where you can hire me out to write a set amount of blogs for you each month. This comes with the added benefit of me even uploading your blogs for you so the process is entirely hands-free. Go chill, you deserve it.

If you’re in these niches, then we can be an awesome fit

💡 Online Marketing & Business: people think copywriters are just good with words, but we’re marketers at heart. I love writing content around this niche because I spend literally all day in this world.

💡 Nutrition & Fitness: need a copywriter who knows things like one Brazil nut can cover your RDA of selenium? You found her.

💡Creative Writing: fun fact, I once wrote a novel in a month #NaNoWriMo2017. I started my journey as a writer writing fiction, so if you help people with their writing I would love to write content for you.

💡Sustainable & Eco Living: I’m the kind of person who buys everything in cloth bags, always carries their own stainless steel water bottle and who can be found writing angry letters to companies for using excessive packaging on their products. Let’s change the world together.

💡 Productivity & Personal-Development: need someone who understands what deep work means and who knows their way around a project management system? Hey there 😉

💡 ESL & Language Learning: I was an ESL teacher for four years before turning my hand to SEO copywriter, it’s an industry I know extremely well. I’m also an aspiring polyglot y podemos tener ésta conversación en español si quieres ou en français si tu veux. I immigrated to Spain in 2015 and am raising a bilingual kid, I also lived in Versailles for 2 years so languages are kinda my thing.

Seo Copywriter Kerry Campion with hands holded

Soooo…when you hire me as your SEO content writer, what exactly do you get?

💾 In-depth articles of at least 1,300-1,600 words

💾Image sourcing & ALT text : I’ll include any screenshots/stock footage, optimize your images and add ALT text for extra SEO juice

💾SEO titles & meta descriptions

💾 Internal linking: I make sure that I’m linking to your other content to improve your website’s internal linking structure and overall SEO

💾 Keyword research included: no guesswork here, I use an industry standard SEO tool to source all the best keywords for your content

💾 Market research: I dig into your Facebook groups, survey data and do my own behind-the-scenes snooping on the internet to see what will resonate with YOUR people

💾 A copywriter who genuinely loves SEO: this isn’t some side hustle for me or way to make a quick buck. I keep up to date with the latest in SEO and test out theories on my own websites so I can see what can work well for my clients

💾 HTML formatting: got a custom built site and need your posts in pure HTML? No problem, I can speak robot and write up all your posts using HTML

Already know what package you want? Got a burning question? Just want to exchange Buffy the Vampire fan theories? Poke that button below to get in touch.

If there’s any issue with the contact form I will immediately write an angry Tweet to ClickUp, but rest assured, you can still contact me via email at [email protected]

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