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Making sure more organic traffic converts to free trials with Product-led content. That’s our thing.

“God Save the SERP does an amazing job with SEO strategy.

They understand how search engines work and how to build a website and long-term content strategy that works. Within the first month, we had a game plan that I believed in. That’s when I knew it was a good investment.”

Kerry Campion SEO Copywriter & Content Marketer, Dan Malone (1)

Taft Love

Founder, Iceberg RevOps

What Happens when you ignore your product in your content marketing

God Save The SERPS, SEO Copywriting

You’re make the reader work too hard to realise that your product helps them achieve their goals and overcome a problem.

Depending on a random “Sign-Up” embed half way down your post isn’t going to cut it.

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You don’t present a concrete solution: sure your tips are awesome, but your reader still has to put those tips into action. Show them that your product enables them to do that, give them workflows or templates, and get them excited.

This is the step from generic content to content your competitors can’t copy-and-paste.

SEO Copywriting Agency & Content Marketer, God Save The SERP Green Star

You’re don’t give your reader a chance to deepen their connection with you: not everyone will be ready to try your product.

But showcasing it and offering things like resources they can refer back to long after they’ve left your post helps keep you top-of-mind for when they are ready to invest in a solution like yours.

That’s why your product is at the heart of the content we write. Not so much that it seems overly-promotional or self-interested, but enough so that the reader understands exactly how you help them. With that said, let us walk you through our core packages.

Our Content Packages & Pricing

These packages aren’t set-in-stone because every business is different. But it’ll give you an idea of what you can expect from us.
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Industry- Leader Series

Write the book on your niche. This series of articles, designed as chapters, is aimed at giving your visitors the number 1 resource on overcoming their problem.

We go from top-of-funnel content all the way down to bottom-of-funnel case studies and competitor comparison pages.


Rank for relevant keywords to help new customers find you

Become the number 1 topical authority in your niche

Build brand awareness & gain credibility and trust

Generate more free trials

Price: starting at €9k

God Save The SERPS, SEO Copywriting

Launch Success Catalyst

Launching a new feature, resource, or new product? Then it needs a content runway to sell.

This package is designed to build hype, awareness, and excitement about your upcoming launch.


Generate more free trials

Get as many downloads as possible for new resource (e.g ebook/new industry report)

Improve feature adoption rate

Rank for keywords relevant to problem the new feature/resource solves

Price: starting at €7k

SEO Copywriting Agency & Content Marketer, God Save The SERP Green Star

Design Your Own

Maybe you’re keen on producing some new case studies, or a new, authoritative ebook, or refreshing some content that’s suffering from decay.

Let’s sit down and chat about your Marketing goals and what content can do to help you achieve them.


Variable: we discuss your Marketing goals and see where content fits in to help you achieve them.

Price: variable

Our Signature Process

One thing you can count on with God Save the SERP is that we go deep.

It would make our lives a lot easier if we just took a brief from you, went away and scribbled words, sprinkled some keywords over it, and called it a day.

But where’s the fun in that?

Here’s how we nail your content and make sure it’s what your target market wants to read:

God Save The SERP, Mawla Case Study
Detailed questionnaire about your company and target market
You send over any important docs like market research, UX research, sales call recordings etc and we geek out. Hard.
Success session (we discuss your goals and talk about attribution)
Customer interviews: we get up close and personal with your customers
Team interviews (especially the customer success and sales team)
Competitor Research
Keyword Research
The writing begins!
Our internal “brain trust” team reviews the content
You review version 1 of each piece of content
We work on the revisions
Final review
Final edits
Publish 😎 *internet goes wild*

“God Save the SERP does more than just brand awareness. They’re not just some marketing people.

Whenever I speak to Kerry, I feel like she understands and likes the product, that she’s trying to find a way for it to reach the audience you want, or even suggest an audience that you’re missing.

We were not only impressed by the content, but by the collaborative approach from the information gathering at the start and the open style in which God Save the SERP shared what they wanted to do and why. We have felt guided by them and able to rely on their advice and expertise, while also feeling listened to by them. We feel like we have created a great working partnership, which extends beyond the scope of copywriting.”

Ben Carter

Founder, elt songs

God Save The SERP B2B Copywriting, Iceberg Revops

200% Increase in Organic Traffic, Top 5 Positions for High-Commercial Value Keywords, 42% Increase in Organic Traffic…

Want to see our SEO content in action for yourself? We wouldn’t expect anything less. We’ve gathered some sample client projects for your viewing pleasure.

You might be wondering…

Do you do social media management?
Nope. Social media management isn’t our area of expertise and you’d be much better served with an expert in that area. Our focus is on long-form, SEO content.

Do you do ongoing content retainers?

We prefer to avoid what we call “black-hole retainers.” In our experience they lead to stagnation and complacency. We prefer to work on content “campaigns” like the packages outlined above. This is because it focuses everyone involved on a set objective and drives better results. Most ongoing content retainers end up being “x amount of articles/month” with no real direction and benefits the agency much more than the client. Think of our services as a longer-term project instead of an ongoing retainer, for example the Industry Leader Series might take us around 6 months to completely finish.

What’s your average lead time?

Around 3-4 weeks. However, before we start writing we can already sort the project scope, copybrief, invoicing etc so we’re ready to kick-off as quickly as possible.

Can you guarantee search engine rankings?

Nope and anyone who says they can are lying to you. We do our best to boost your web pages in search by nailing the search intent of the keywords we’re optimising for as well as adding the right on-page optimisation. However, there are about 200 factors that contribute to search engine rankings and many aspects of your site are beyond our control (site speed, link profile, etc). There is no guarantee that Google will rank your pages higher in the SERPs. And even though SEO copywriting is our main gig, it’s not suitable for every business. For instance, if you have a relatively small niche/TAM or customers simply don’t find you via search then we’ll usually recommend leaving SEO off the table for your project. We don’t sell you stuff you don’t need. But what we can guarantee our clients every single time is copywriting that blows the hair off your website visitors’ heads.

Who are your writers?

Glad you asked! One thing we never do is outsource your copy to contractors you don’t know or have never met. This, unfortunately, is a common practice among many agencies. Not here. We’re a lean team of 3 copywriters and each one of us has gone through extensive training and worked with dozens of companies. You’ll work with either Kerry (founder), Debs (UX & SEO copywriter), or Natalie (Brand messaging specialist & SEO copywriter). Find out more about our team here.

Where are you based?

God Save the SERP HQ is based in Spain. However, our team is also located in the UK and Canada. Usually our clients are usually based in the EU, UK, or North America. We don’t serve clients in Asia or Australia, simply because the time difference in that direction is a bit tough for us to coordinate. If you’re based in Australia, NZ, or Asia we can recommend some awesome copywriters!

What niches do you write about?

B2B is pretty broad as a category, as is SaaS. Here are some sub-niches we ♥️ writing about:

  • Product-Led Growth
  • MarTech
  • Sales Operations
  • Marketing Operations
  • Sales Enablement
  • RevOps
  • The Creator Economy (kind of B2C we’ll admit, but still love it)
  • EdTech (fun fact: our founder is also an EdTech entrepreneur)

Any niches you never write about?

For sure. Here are some of the niches we don’t write about. Get in touch, though, because we can probably send some awesome, specialised copywriters your way!

  • Anything medical
  • Mental health/therapy niche
  • Coaching industry
  • Law
  • E-commerce
  • FinTech

Let’s Hit Turbo on Your Content Marketing

Whether it’s becoming the industry leader in your niche or making sure your latest feature release is a huge success, we’re happy to have a chat and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Which services are you interested in?

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